In the statictics view, a graphical information about repository size and it's distribution on the distinct root nodes ( taxonomy, personal, trash, etc. ) is shown. Also is shown the basic server information like memory and disk usage.

To understand how your repository is growing and making hard disk estimations, these pie charts are interesting:

  • Documents by context.
  • Documents size by context.
  • Folders by context.

Some pie charts describe the distribution by context. These contexts are:

  • Taxonomy (the /okm:root context)
  • Template (the /okm:template context, where you can place your document templates)
  • Personal (the /okm:personal context, where each OpenKM user can stores their personal - not shared - documents)
  • Trash (the /okm:trash context, which stores the deleted document, folders, etc.)

If the trash context is too large the trash bin should be emptied. Once you are sure these documents and folders can be really deleted, you should empty your trash or individually purge the documents. Remember that each user has its own trash and every user is responsible of purging their own one. 

Check the status of the Pending task queue

Pending tasks are only used in some application sections where an user action can takes longer than usual.

  • Click at top right the menu option Pending task queue.
  • In Pending task queue view is shown the status of the tasks. This is a list of the task to be processed or in progress.

For example, if you want to change the permissions in a folder with lots of documents and / or a very depth structure this actions will be promoted to pending task. Meanwhile the user can do more thinks while this one is executed in background. If the number of document to process is huge, this task may take hours to complete.

Check the status of the Text extraction queue

When upload a document to the application, its content is not extracted inmediatelly but enqueued for this.

  • Click at top right the menu option Pending text extractor queue.
  • In Pending text extractor queue view is shown the status of the text extractor process. This is a list of the documents to be processed or in progress.

More information at Performance configuration parameters.

Sometimes you might be interested on process all the documents again into the text extraction queue ( you have introduced new text extractor, etc ... ), you can find more information at Database description about how doing it.