List indexes

The List index feature helps the administrator to take control about how the objects ( documents, folders, mails and records ) are indexed into Lucene search engine.

At the main screen is shown a table with the Lucene indexed fields of each object.

Common indexed fields:





The hibernate class name:

  • com.openkm.dao.bean.NodeFolder
  • com.openkm.dao.bean.NodeDocument
  • com.openkm.dao.bean.NodeMail


Object unique identifier.


Parent node.


Context values:

  • okm_root
  • okm_metadata
  • okm_categories
  • okm_thesaurus
  • okm_templates
  • okm_personal
  • okm_mail
  • okm_personal
  • okm_trash


Tenant identifier.


Id of the user author.


Indicate when object was created.


Object name.


User permissions.


Role permissions.

Depending the type of object ( _hibernate_class ) can be more indexed fields.

Search indexes

  • On top right click on Search indexes button.
  • In input box copy some object UUID ( from desktop view, you can get at Properties tab any object UUID, select the UUID and press CTRL+C to copy ).
  • Click on Search button.
  • From the table list click on List icon.

The filtering input box use the sintaxis FIELD : value , here some examples:

  • uuid:ce3338a5-b1ec-481b-9d59-f5aeb3fcf42b
  • name:invoice.*
  • text:telephone

Let's see an example. Imagine you have two documents called "Parana.doc" and "Parana.pdf". You can locate them by this search:


But be careful because using quotation marks you won't get any result:


If you want to locate all PDF documents which name starts with "Paran", the right query is:


This query would also work (note the dot before que extension):


But this query will failt because you cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a search. This is a Lucene limitation.


If you want to lookup documents with a given extension, I would recommend using the MIME Type property this way:


In this query we are looking for all documents which name starts with "parana" and has a keyword called "dog":

name:parana* AND keyword:song

You can learn more about query syntaxt at Lucene Query Syntax.

Enable show terms

When show terms enabled, is shown and extra fields named terms on documents objects with the terms used by Lucene search engine for indexing that document.

  • On top right click on Show terms button.

Disable show terms

  • On top right click on Show terms button.