Scripting samples


Script - Basic samples

  • Updates the repository statistics.
  • Shows the jBPM mail configuration.
  • Resets the user document size.
  • Refreshes the user items.
  • Creates folders and sets property group.
  • Shows the number of documents, folders and size from a given path.
  • Gets path by UUID.
  • Shows all documents used in every running workflow.

Script - Cognitive PDF/A

Makes PDF/A ISO standard documents from scanned document images.

Script - Compact documents with size equals to 0

Finds all documents with size=0 and compact history of versions to latest.

Script - Count all children subfolder

Counts all children folders - and sub folders to, recursion - into first level folder ( okm:root children folders ).

Script - Crontab exporter

The repository exports execution based on crontab task.

Script - Export repository folder to server as a ZIP file

Exports the folder contents to the server application as a ZIP file.

Script - Folders deep

Finds the folders with some deep.

Script - Generate database script

Generates the database script set to hibernate.cfg.xml file.

Script - Import data from CSV file

Imports metadata group values from csv file.

Script - Import reports from a folder

Imports reports from $TOMCAT_HOME/reports also enables them in the default profile.

Script - Purge all folders into some parent

Purges all folders into some parent, without previously moving files to trash.

Script - Purge all users trashes

Example of how to clean all users trashes.

Script - Recursive character renaming

Renames a character in all folders or documents from some initial path.

Script - Recursive repository traversal

Navigates across all repository nodes recursivelly.

Script - Recursive change security 

Change security.

Script - Security change at low level

Changes the security at database level.

Script - Correct security in personal nodes 

Correct security in personal nodes.