The Digital Signature verify tool is distributed as a war file into a zip file. You can download the tool from OpenKM download center.

Configuration steps

  • Copy the "signatureVerify.war" file into tomcat "webapps" folder ( ensure you deploy into a tomcat version 8.5.40 or upper ).
  • Enable the extension named "Digital Signature viewer". Check the related documentation for version 7.1.x at Enable extensions.
    • Go to Administration > Utilities > Database query. At bottom right select option JDBC, paste into the box the SQL inserts of the extensions you want to enable. Finally click at bottom right the button execute.
      INSERT INTO OKM_EXTENSION (EXT_UUID, EXT_NAME) VALUES ('288cdc63-78e4-434b-94e0-ccbdace1da21', 'Digital Signature viewer');
  • Configure the parameter named "extension.signature.validation.url". The most common value is "http://localhost:8080/signatureVerify".

Remember the "extension.signature.validation.url" parameter value depends on where Tomcat was deployed.

Additional configuration

The application comes with embedded root certificates store which can be used to check most certificates, but sometimes is not enough. If you are in this scenario you can create your own trusted store certificates files which will be used by the application. The trusted store file must be named "truststore.jks" and placed into $TOMCAT_HOME folder.

You can find more information about Java KeyStore at: